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Not being able to access templates


  • Alex Pittendreigh started the conversation

    I have been trying to log into my account at webgraphicscreator.com but on entering my credentials it simply goes to the LaughingBird site wanting me to download creator, which I already have with some template packages that I've purchased.

    How do I get access to Web Graphics Creator for which I purchased lifetime access.

    Thanks and regards

    BTW browser being used is Vivaldi 2.8 on MacOS 10.14 Mojave.

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    Sad Duck replied

    Well, well, well ...

    It's not you! I just tried it and got the same thing!

    I can tell you that Marc has been working hard on the new version of the desktop app and, um, he may have, um, jimmied the links! I'm going to PM him and let him know something has gone awry. Hopefully it won't be too long. 

    Just try back every hour or so until it works again. All we can do really . . .

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    Marc replied


    Hi Alex (and Lance)

    It's fixed now. That was not good.

    We're working on merging both Laughingbird and the Web Graphics Creator into one unit and I mixed up some code. frown.png

    REALLY sorry about that

    Try now (as of Tuesday morning)

    It works again. 


    - Marc Sylvester
    Laughingbird Software

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  • Alex Pittendreigh replied

    It's all good now Marc. Thanks for the quick fix.