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about mascot characters


  • Tesfay started the conversation


    I am a customer of the logo creator. I want to buy character mascots.Can I sell them in a bundle .Can they be changed to any color or shape I like?

    What do you recommend me a software to help me create and sell printable like etsy?

    Thank you


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    Sad Duck replied

    As far as selling the Mascot characters in a bundle, no, not 'as-is'. 

    The only way you can sell the characters is if you create an original product using those characters. ie. a logo, t-shirt design, mouse pad, etc...

    You cannot sell or give away the characters as they are.

    You would have to use Photoshop or some such software in order to change colors on the Mascots. You cannot change the shapes. They are not posable.

    As far as a service to create tangible goods, that's question best asked on the Facebook page or in the forum. There are many users that use a variety of services. I'm sure they will be able to help you out.