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Restoring a purchase


  • Steve Cockrane started the conversation

    G'day Marc & Lisa,

    A few years ago I brought your Logo Creator software which I believe has morphed into the Creator7 software. ( I could be totally wrong).

    Anyhoo I've been inspired by your recent emails to try out the software again but I had a major hardware failure on my computer and lost the original files. Is there a way to restore my original purchase? So I can start to use your software again?

    My original purchase details are below,

    my purchase details are:

    Transaction Id:AP-29E24983UV640140CDate:Friday 5th of July 2013 08:33:58 AMProduct Name:The Logo Creator Software
    I realise the purchase was sometime ago and you may not be supporting the software anymore but I hope we can work out a way I can get up and running with your software again.

    Kind regards,

    Steve Cockrane

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    Sad Duck replied

    Hi Steve,

    As far as restoring your account, Marc or Lisa will have to take care of that. Anything you previously purchased should still be available to you. But there are some differences. If you had v5.x or earlier, then the templates are not compatible with the new v7.2.9 of the software. If you have any save templates from v5.x then you will need that version to work with them. If not, then simply install the new v7.2.9 and press on. Any graphics packs you had previously purchased, if they have been updated for the new version, will be available to you once Marc or Lisa set up your account. Any packs that were not updated will have to be purchased.

    You can have a v5.x and the new v7.2.9 installed on your computer. They should not interfere with each other. Several users do that because there are features they like in the old v5 that are not in the new version. All that said, v8 should be out soon!

    That said, you don't have to wait to get started! The base program is free and comes with 50 free templates to get you going. Of course, the beauty of the program is that you can create your own templates and work with those.

    Go here to get started: https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/free-design-software-download/

    I'm not sure of the setup right now. You used to have to install the program then the templates. If that is still the case and the templates do not install with the program, make sure you install the free templates! This will create the directory structure you will need for the program to work correctly.

    Once you are setup, and your account is updated, then you should be able to download any packs in your Members Dashboard and install them into the program with no problem. 

    So, bottom line, go ahead and download and install the new version. Make sure to register the program as this will create your Members Dashboard that Marc can update with any other purchases you made in the past. That's it.

    It's late. I may have rambled a bit so I hope you can understand all this. If not, post back and someone will help you get straight! Have fun!

  • Steve Cockrane replied

    I have installed the software, but no templates are installed and it is telling my trial has expired and I need to purchase a graphics pack.

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    Marc replied

    Trial Ended and I can't access the software

    Hi there Steve!
    Nice to hear from you

    Check out the article I've attached above.

    See if this helps.

    You can visit this page to login to your member area:



    I've resent you the login details 

    Let me know if this works okay for you!

    I'll be here :)


    - Marc Sylvester
    Laughingbird Software

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