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Go Viral puzzle design templates


  • randy started the conversation

    I received an email offering the Go Viral puzzle template for $27 with a coupon. I was interested in the Web Graphics creator as well. What do I need to purchase? Are they both online? I am using a Mac.



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    Sad Duck replied

    Hi Randy,

    Well, no, they are not both on line.

    The Creator 7 is the desktop software that you download and use on your computer any time you want. Most graphics packs cost extra, like the $27 for the Viral Puzzles.

    The Web Graphics Creator in on line and includes ALL the graphics available from Laughingbird. Nothing to download. For $12/month or a one-time fee of $97 ( for lifetime access ) you get it all! As new graphics come out they are automatically added to the program. But you are at the mercy of the internet. I've been using it since it started and other than the occasional hic-up now and again, it works great!

    So, the choice is yours. One low price and never pay again ( or you can do the $12/month and upgrade at any time ) or get the free desktop Creator 7 but buy and install all the graphics packs that you want and don't worry about the internet going down.

    Decisions - decisions! Good luck!