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cannot login


  • Avni Melenica started the conversation

    Hi there
    how can i create an account with webgraphic

  • Avni Melenica replied

    please write to me how to create an accoount

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    Sad Duck replied

    Hi Avni!

    All you need do is go to the website: https://www.webgraphicscreator.com

    Then scroll down the page till you see the image I posted below. Decide whether or not you want to pay $12/month, or a one-time fee of $97 for Lifetime access, click the button and follow the prompts on the screen to pay.

    After your payment, you will be emailed your log in details.

    Then come back to the website and select the 'Login' button at the top. Sign in and you'll have access.

    Post back here if you have any problems.

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