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tutorial terms are difrent from what I have on my screen. Confused!


  • JOZSEF BIRGES started the conversation

    I am so confused you have no idea.

    The names you provide are different to my names on my computer

    In your tutorial

    I open up laughing bird Folder and get this.

    Logo Elements

    Logo Library

    I do not get “Design Elements and Logo Element Folder”

    Design Elements Folder is empty

    Logo Library Folder has 2 folders “My Templates and Preview Templates”


    Now please explain. What files do I drag into the other. As the names do not correspond to your names provided.

    Attached files:  laghtingbird suport - 1.png
      laughtingbird - 2.png

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    Marc replied

    Hello Jozsef.

    First, please tell me which template set you're trying to install?
    Most of the "zip" files that you download have an installer - you simply click it and the install will put the files where they need to be.

    - Marc

    - Marc Sylvester
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