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Trying to find a program


  • WBee started the conversation

    I am trying to find a program that makes can turn my pic images into a transparency. I saw a video a few months back... you were showing us how to do the transparent images and how to put them on T-shirt. I don't remember the name of the program, what program was that? Can you send me the link for the video, the name of the program and how to pay for it? I cannot find it anywhere. 

    And... I am always having the hardest time sending you an email from my email account you have on file... I get an email from you just about daily but can't send or put in a support ticket. Your system on email is really bad. Its always telling me my login info if wrong when I know it to be right.

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    Sad Duck replied

    Hi WBee,

    This may be the video you are looking for ...  

    This has also become a popular tool lately. I think you get 1 free image, then there are various prices depending on your needs. Works very well. If you don't have many images, I think it's $1.99 an image. Well worth it depending on what you are working on. https://www.remove.bg

    About the email. Email is the WORSE way to try and contact Marc. He gets tons of email and SPAM everyday and simply can't look at it all. The best way is right here, in a support ticket. The thing to remember is that the login here, for support, IS NOT the same as your log in anywhere else for Laughingbird. You have to create an account here with a new log in, though you can make it match. Also, I have had trouble with my password becoming invalid. I'm not sure yet if the system simply deletes you after a while if you don't log in, or what. But if it tells you that your log in is invalid, simply create a new account here and post your ticket!

    Let us know if you need any more help.