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Not being able to access templates


  • Alex Pittendreigh started the conversation


    I am able to log in to the dashboard and from there to the category listing screen of different templates.

    However when I click on one of the template categories (eg Social Media) it will open up a new tab and try and load the page. It spends quite some time attempting to load and then displays the error message that it cannot find the site (or very similar to that wording).This happens for all the categories I have tried.

    A week ago, I had no problem accessing the software.

    I use the Vivaldi browser v2,6 (a derivative of Chrome) on a Macbook Pro running MacOS Mojava 10.14.5.

    I have cleared the cache etc and restarted the browser to no avail,

    My login id is the same as the email address above. I have a lifetime licence for the software.

    Please help


    Alex Pittendreigh

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    Sad Duck replied

    Hi Alex,

    Hang in there, it's not you!

    I also cannot get access this morning. Sometimes it's the server, sometimes it's an update gone wrong.

    I'll poke Mark this morning and I'm sure he'll fix us up. It just may be a while before those 'California Dreamers' wake up.

    Hopefully not too long . . .

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    Marc replied

    Hi Alex!
    Thanks for the note.

    Interesting, I didn't see anything odd with your account. Everything looked like it was running fine.

    But, I've restarted your account (just hit a refresh on it)

    Try logging in again and see if this helped.

    Keep me posted!


    - Marc Sylvester
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