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Keeps crashing


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    Rich Leonard started the conversation

    I imported a png graphic in the Marketing Graphics option. Every time I select colorize, the program crashes. Select color doesn't work and checking 'remove color' crashes the program.

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    Sad Duck replied

    Hi Rich,

    Might need a little more information. I just tried what you said on my computer, and it all works great. Since WGC is a web based app, if it works for one, it should work for all.

    That said, I'm on a PC using Opera.

    So, are you PC or MAC user? What operating system? What browser are you using? Have you tried a different browser? Have you tried loading the program using Chrome in Incognito and see if it works?

    Have you tried rebooting your computer, and then trying it?

    Just a few things. Appreciate any feedback you can give. If there is an issue, Marc will need all the info you can give him to try and track it down. Thanks!

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    Rich Leonard replied

    I am using a mac. I was using Firefox because the program had been giving me log in issues with Chrome. I just tried using Chrome and ALL of the issue are gone so I guess it must be a Firefox issue.

    Thanks for the help,


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    Marc replied

    Hi Rich!

    (Lance, thanks for jumping in smile.png )

    Glad to hear these things are fixed in Chrome. ... but what you report shouldn't be happening in Firefox.  Odd.

    I'll check on this.

    ... and by the way, I got a kick out of your Lewis Black profile pick silly.png hhahaha

    - Marc

    - Marc Sylvester
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