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Can i share my work to facebook from the page


  • Noel Merrick Merrick started the conversation

    I am trying to share to facebook

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    Sad Duck replied

    Hi Noel,

    The short answer is 'Yes!' As long as the graphics you use in your creation are royalty freeĀ ( all graphics from Laughingbird are royalty free ) then you can share your creation anywhere you like.

    What exactly are you trying to do? Are you using WGC or TC7?

    If TC7, simply export your finished image as a JPG or PNG, then upload to Facebook in a post.

    Same for WGC if you want to upload an image.

    If you are trying to share a motion graphic, it works about the same. Your creation will save as a .webm video which you can upload to Facebook. If you want to upload to Youtube or some other video site, you may have to convert the webm to an mp4. There is a website called Convertio that will let you do that for free. Works great.

    So, bottom line, what are you trying to do? Did this answer your questions? Or do you still need help?

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    Lisa replied

    Thanks for the response Lance! Noel, just let us know if you need anymore helpsmile.png

    - Lisa Sylvester
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