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Error Exporting Image of Template


  • Arthur Smith started the conversation

    When attempting to export a JPG image from a template I created, I get the message "can't save image inside template directory".  However, I am not trying to save the file in a template directory.  Moreover, the template I am working on "freezes" and must be closed and reopened to work on it again.

    Am I doing something wrong?

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    Sad Duck replied

    Hi Arthur,

    Can you give us a bit more information. I assume you're talking about TC7? Or are you talking about WGC? Are you using a PC or MAC? What operating system?

    If it is TC7, try shutting everything down and rebooting your computer. See if it works.

    If not, are you able to export the image to your desktop?

    A lot of users have also had this problem if they are trying to export the image to a directory that is nested too deep. If you can export to your desktop, then simply create a folder on your desktop and use it to export to.

    Post back and let us know if any of this helps and we'll go from there.

  • Arthur Smith replied

    I am using the latest version of TC7 on a PC with an updated version of the operating system.   I have successfully saved to the desktop, so maybe that is the workaround.   I cannot save to My Documents but can save to a subdirectory of My Documents which I called Creator Documents.

    I guess I have my own solution to the problem, but it is perplexing that the software locks up on a failed save to My Documents.

    Art Smith

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    Sad Duck replied

    What I have found is that AT ANY TIME if there was EVER a template saved to a directory, then it is tagged as a 'Template Directory' and you cannot save to it. Running a registry cleaner MAY correct that. May not.

    That said, I'm glad you have a working solution. Thanks for posting back.

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    Marc replied

    Hi Arthur!
    (Lance, thanks for jumping in)

    Yes, the error you mention message eludes me. I can't for the life of me figure out why some users are getting this but most are not.

    the ONLY idea I can think of (but I'm unable to replicate it on my end) is if you're trying to save your jpeg image into a folder with the word "logo" in the name of the folder

    (the software... and it's a bug... won't let you save anything into the "logo libraries" folder that resides in your Documents > Laughingbird Documents folder on your computer)

    So this bug may think you're trying to save your image into the 'logo' folder 

    I don't know

    Is this maybe the case with you?


    - Marc Sylvester
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