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Saving an image file in high resolution


  • Michael Grant started the conversation

    Please illustrate how I can save a created logo file in a high resolution format suitable for signage/large format printing.  The files I have created using Creator7 were saved by the program in JPG (about 130KB) or PNG / Transparent PNG (about 118KB) and are nowhere near high resolution... although suitable for web pages and small image printing on business cards.  Ideally, I need the ability to save in JPG or PNG or TIF or even PDF as a high resolution/high definition file to enable clear printing of my new logo design on real estate yard signs and other larger format printing.  PLEASE HELP!!

    Attached files:  FDTR Export JPG LIGHT4 SILVER final.jpg
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      FDTR Transparent_NEW LIGHT4 SILVER final.png

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    Sad Duck replied

    This cannot be done using this software. It is not what it was designed for. Web Graphics Creator and The Creator 7 were designed to create web based graphics.

    That said, many users find that if they create the image at a large enough size, the resolution is good for printing t-shirts and other tangible goods.

    However, for large print signs and banners, it will never do. Depending on your image, you may be able to have the image converted to an SVG format that can be enlarged, or you can see if someone on Fiverr can recreate your banner as an SVG. That would be the only option I can think of for that.

    WGC and TC7 will only save as a JPG or PNG.

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    glenn replied

    When setting things up to be commercially printed with the creator use this a s a rule of thumb:  every 300 in size is equal to 1 inch printed at "300dpi".  The largest size the creator can print at, given that idea of every 300 in size is a little over 9 inches (9.6 inches to be exact).   The creator has a max canvas size of 3300 x 3300- but will only export at a mix size of 2880 x 2880.

    The web graphics creator can create stuff up to 16.6 inches, when printed at "300dpi".

    Yes, you could just "resample" your original image, and enlarge it, but that does not produce the razor crisp edges needed for real estate signs.  

    For commercial printing, larger than a sheet of paper, SVG (Vector graphics) is the way to go, just like what lance said.  With vector graphics you can make images gigantic (40 x 40 feet if you want).