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Can't find template?


  • Richard Yannotti started the conversation

    Not even sure I am in the right place but here goes.  At some point in the last month I received an email with graphics samples. Some of the samples (Cartoon looking) were tips for plumbing. Stuff like what to flush and what not to flush. Swore I saved the email but can not find it now. Can you help?

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    Sad Duck replied

    I have not seen anything like that. You sure it came from Laughingbird?

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    Marc replied

    Hi Rich!
    Nice to hear from you

    hmmmm.... yeah, that's not anything we've sent out (Laughingbird Software)

    I can't think whoelse would have sent that...

    if you have any more info on the eMail, maybe I can help you track down who it might be from

    What kind of 'samples' were you looking for? Maybe we can help you create what you need with your copy of the Graphics Creator?


    - Marc Sylvester
    Laughingbird Software

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