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  • mohana rajagopalan started the conversation

    I did a small 10 seconds motion graphics as per your tutorial after downloading and tried for converting to mp4 - error message that pixels not divisible by 2

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    Sad Duck replied

    Hi Mohana,

    Far as I know, no one else has been having an issue, but Marc has recently updated the program so something may have slipped through. Can you tell me, are you on a PC or MAC?

    Were you trying to convert with Convertio, or another program?

    Any chance you can duplicate the problem again and grab a screenshot you can post here?

    The more information you can give Marc, the better he'll be able to figure out what's causing this issue. Appreciated.

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    Marc replied

    Hi Mohana!

    Sorry about that.
    It's a 'cache' issue - clear your cache.

    try this:

    Launch the app, and select any template set.

    before you click a template, pull down the FILE menu and choose ABOUT

    you should see a splash screen with the WGC logo.

    Scroll down - and look for the version number.

    You should see version 1.1.19

    if you're not seeing this - clear your browser cache (JUST the cache, don't clear out cookies or passwords or anything.

    Then completely quit your browser (sorry) and re-launch the WGC

    Here's how to clear Chrome's cache:

    If you can - report back and let me know if this helped

    - Marc Sylvester
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