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logo creator update not working- Get 404 error


  • MATT KIEFER started the conversation

    I have but have never used, The Logo Creator V. 5.3. I tried to update it using the linked and menu in the software but I am getting the same 404 error. How do I update and where do I get the extra templates alluded to in the tutorial? Also, I thought I read on here you can save as a pdf doc or png, jpg etc but tlc format is the only option in dropdown menu. What do I use to convert it to something so I can use the  image?

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    glenn replied

    That particular version of the software, and it's a rather unique bundle, has not been available from Laughingbird software for close to 10 years now, I bought a copy of it off of amazon a couple of years for $5.  There is no way to update it- that is why you are getting the 404 error- the pages that are referenced when you select webhelp / check internet updates have not existed for close to 10 years.  

    You won't be able to register the software.

    Some of the modules in that product bundle will not even work in windows 10- when I run the really old stuff every now and then, some of it will freeze up- it wasn't not designed to work with windows 10.

    If you do get it to work properly, and generally it's just the logo creation part of the set that will work, you do all your saving via the EXPORT tab.


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    Sad Duck replied

    Hi Matt,

    As Glenn stated, that version is rather dated. However, you can grab the current v7.2.9 for free, with 40 free templates.


    Be sure to close the program before installing this version. Do not delete anything! Both versions can reside on your computer and although v5 is older, it should still work if you need it for any of your creations.Be aware that the program and templates have changed over the years. v5x is not compatible with the current v7.2.9 Any templates you have created will have to be re-created in the new software. 

    Post back if you have problems.