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Please revive my Laughing Bird Website


  • Frank O'Brien started the conversation

    Hey Mark, I answered you 8 hours ago and I am waiting for a reply from you.

    Please see my reply below. You started the conversation 8 hours ago Hi Marc, Some years ago, my computer had a humonguous crash and I lost an awful lot of stuff.

    I lost my login details for Laughing bird software, I tried in everyway that I know, to get back what I had lost. I tried to contact you from different addresses, because I did not know which one I had been using originally to contact you.

    I bought a lots of packs from you and I was a member of your Monthly Pack Members club. My Money probably helped you to become the Big Business that you are today.

    I am not asking you for any special favours, I just want you to revive my membership site. Have you thought that if you revive my Membership, I might even buy more packs and thereby adding to your riches.

    You may even realise that you have treated me badly, by depriving of something that I had paid for and been a member of Laughingbird Software since inception of your company. You may also want to compensate me for the loss of the service that I had legally paid for.

    I could go on about the plans that I was putting in place and things that I was planning to do with the software, but I guess that you have got the message by now anyway. I await a possibly, early positive reply, that you have restored my site to it's original glory, so that I can get on with the rest of my life.

    Frank O'Brien

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    Marc replied

    Hi there Frank.
    Nice to hear from you.

    Yes, I believe the system shut off access. It appears that you had logged in 110 times in a short period and you logged in from different IP addresses.

    The system thinks you're passing your login details around and it has shut off access.

    can you help me understand what happened? I'll see what I can do


    - Marc Sylvester
    Laughingbird Software

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