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How to move text to another part of canvas


  • Chris Bockay started the conversation

    Hello - 

    I cannot figure out how to move text to another part of the canvas without having to arrow down.  Is there a way to drag the entire text box quickly to another part of the canvas?  Right now, I am managing with the arrow up, down, left, right but this can take 100 clicks or so to get it to the right position.  When I try to drag it, it just snaps back into the original position.



  • Arthur Smith replied

    Moving text is tricky.  I have learned that the cursor MUST point to one of the letters in the text box.  Then you can drag the text box wherever you want it.    It is tricky to get to the exact position but that is where the arrow keys come into play.

  • Chris Bockay replied

    Thanks for the response, Arthur.  I tried your suggestion but unfortunately was not successful.  I should also add that I have the same problem with dragging an image that I imported.  So in that instance, there isn't anything for the cursor to be precise with.  I click anywhere on the image and try to drag it into place, but it just snaps back into the original position.  Again, only the arrow keys can actually move it.  I find it odd that this would be the way the software would behave.  

    Hopefully this can be a suggestion for the next software update. I've been coping with this for about 8 years, but only now decided to submit a ticket about it thinking it could be something I was doing wrong all this time.   



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    Marc replied

    Hi there Chris!
    (thanks for the help Arthur! bigsmile.png)

    Yes, you should easily be able to move the block of text around without having to use the arrow keys.

    I think you might be using an outdated version of the software. Let's check and see if you need the update.

    Hop over to:

    Download and install the update - it won't affect your templates or graphics, it'll update the software.

    Then, relaunch the Creator7 and see if you can move the text like normal again.

    keep me posted!


    - Marc Sylvester
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  • Chris Bockay replied

    Hi Mark,

    That did it!  The software update fixed the issue for me.  I was still on version 7.2.6.

    Thank you, Mark. Have a great week.