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  • Lynette Williams started the conversation

    When attempting to install the Logo Creator software, it shows that it is installing from C:UsersmaperDesktopThe_Logo_Creatrv2.Setup.exe

    However, installation fails because, for some reason, it is attempting to install into C:|UsersmaperOneDriveDocuments/Laughingbird Documents/Logo Libraries/Logo Templates v2

    I am not using OneDrive, have uninstalled it, however, the OneDrive folder keeps re-appearing in my FileExplorer under C:|UsersmaperOneDrive.

    Operating system is Windows 10 Pro on a 64-bit system.  

    I don't understand why it is attempting to install to the OneDrive folder.  And I have removed the environment variable from my computer pointing to that folder.    I did have the software installed it there a long time ago on a different PC.   But how would it know that?

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    Marc replied

    Hi Lynette.

    Nice to hear from you.

    Gah. This is a crazy one isn't it?
    I honestly don't know how to fix this since I can't see your computer

    Perhaps plug back in your onedrive? then I can show you how to move the installed templates to your regular Documents folder.

    I'll do some research on this one Lynette


    - Marc Sylvester
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