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scenery creator templates and Elements will not move to Laughingbird templates or logo elements. When I try I get anerror message


  • Lorna Minewiser started the conversation

    Scenery Creator Elementswater  

    CRC failed: Screnery creator packagescenery creator elementsCloudsLaughingbirdScenery_Builder_Cloud25png.

    same message  but_leave39png

    With Templates it's in Wonderous  InspireNightCity--RealCityBuildings.png

    and Data error Success2mountains--large.png When I hit close, neither templates or elements have been moved.

    What do I do?

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    Marc replied

    Hi Lorna.
    Thanks for your letter

    I'm pretty confused by it however smile.png

    Not sure I'm following you.

    Did you watch the quick video on installing the Scenery Creator?

    let me know if you did, then we'll take it from there smile.png


    - Marc Sylvester
    Laughingbird Software

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  • Lorna Minewiser replied

    Yes, I've followed the directions several times and get an error message when I try to move the downloads to the correct folders. 

  • Lorna Minewiser replied

    So I uninstalled scenery creator and redownloaded it and now it works.