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Installation problems for Logo Creator


  • Arthur Smith started the conversation

    I installed Creator 7 first, as directed, and then downloaded and installed The Logo Creator with Character Creator.  I found logo graphic files but can't find a way to activate the program or link it to Creator 7.

    I am a user Logo Creator 5 and found it easy to use.  Help me find Logo Creator 7 on my computer so I can put it to use.

    What is the default directory for installation?  Is there an executable program or merely some link to Creator 7?   And where is Business Card Creator.

    I have never encountered such a confusing download and installation protocol in all my years of computing.   Help.

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    Marc replied

    Hello Arthur.
    nice to hear from you.

    You should simply download your purchased software from your members area on the laughingbird server:


    then, double click on the installer icons to install them all.

    The templates and graphics are going to be placed into your Documents > Laughingbird Documents folder on your computer

    Let's start there and let me know if this is what you've done so far smile.png


    - Marc Sylvester
    Laughingbird Software

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  • Arthur Smith replied

    Since my post I have figured out how to access the Logo Creator as well as my Design Template pack.  I still have no clue about the  Business Card function or the character creator.

    By the way, I apologize for my original post, born of frustration.  The only thing lacking in installation is the ability to change the folder where the program and its elements are installed.