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I can't access anything on the left side dropdown in Creator 7.2


  • Julie Morris started the conversation

    I re-downloaded Creator, also re-downloaded some of my 8 modules that I purchased but there is nothing in the dropdown template area...including my projects that I've been creating for years.  Am I missing a critical step for using your software?  If so, please help.  I really need some of my templates that I created previously but there is noting there!


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    glenn replied

    You've got stuff in the wrong area in your Laughingbird doc library.

    I made this about three years ago- still applies thru version 7.2.9


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    glenn replied

    The templates you made in the past?  They should go in the MY TEMPLATES folder.  If you have really old templates (from before version 6.0) those are no longer compatible with the software.  

    About the stuff you made in the past:  Just search your entire computer for a folder named MY TEMPLATES.

    C:\Users\User\Documents\Laughingbird Documents\Logo Libraries Is the default location of the MY TEMPLATES folder--

    Let's say you didn't save your templates in the default location, and instead saved the templates you made somewhere else on your hard drive, but cant remember where.   JUST SEARCH your hard drive for the following file extension .TLC--- you start finding that, and you've located your templates.