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  • Art started the conversation

    I got an email from you all today talking about the Social Media templates and mentioning that it has 120 templates in it. I checked my Web Graphics Creator software and the social media graphics set in it only had about 90 templates. I thought the WGC software (which I pay every month for) was supposed to be all-inclusive. What gives?
    Note: I originally bought your earlier product, "The Creator 7" but I have long since stopped using it because it was my understanding that I no longer needed to because all the assets in it were now in my WGC.
    So... I'm confused. Do I need to buy something else in addition to the WGC?


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    Marc replied

    Hi there Art.
    Nice to hear from you.

    The online version that you have access to contains over 900 templates. Yes, the software has everything in it.

    We've sort of shuffled around some of the template sets however, so the 120 templates that the downloadable version has - are all included in the Web Graphics Creator smile.png  - they're just sorted a bit differently.

    Make sure to pull down the menu so you see all of the Social Media templates (as in my screenshot)

    Hope this helps clarify a bit!


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    - Marc Sylvester
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