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After login i have no access


  • Jerell Simmons started the conversation

    Having trouble logging into the “Web Graphic Creator” are there updates being done.

    I've been trying to login for 2 days now.  After I log in, it's telling me that (it appears I do not have access to the content).

    I just paid my subscription... so that not the issue 

    I have a project I would like to have done before Wednesday is there any way you guys can look into this issue.


    My paid subscription email is - jerell300@gmail.com

    PS.  I can't seem to use the email that I use with my subscription purchased. Please note I have reset my password and I'm still getting a message that I don't have access.  The system allows me to login and logout but it will not show me the contents for me to utilize the web graphic creator.

  • Jerell Simmons replied

    Thank you, for taking care of this issue and adjusting my membership.