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  • Michael Grant started the conversation

    Thank you for the purchase/download, however, I have received no LOGIN credentials and am unable to complete the actual installation of the product/templates. I just selected a registration password to enter this ticket, but it was not evident to me that I have completed the necessary step to move forward. 

    I am also a prior customer having V5 and V6 previously installed, but somehow lost the ability to open the program.  I do have several “saved” logo files from the prior versions that I had created a few years back and am hoping they are upwards compatible and able to be refined or edited.  I believe I also had a mascots template and a real estate template from an earlier version.

     I’m a bit confused though as to how to bring this all together and how to LOGIN.   

     Thank you.


  • Michael Grant replied

    Password reset was received.  All good now.