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  • Robert Glass started the conversation

    Thanks for your reply,  I did download several times from jvzoo and downloaded. When I came to the license bar, it was blank and a message saying that the lisenes is already being used. I always keep a copy of the original licenes and tried to past that in, but was rejected.  I wrote support and very detail ticket and asked them where do I sign in.  Using their URL address just sends me to their sales page. So far they haven't responded.

    If I need to, I will buy another copy so I can load it on the computer where I have your software installed. I shouldn't have need to do that. 

    I really love what I've seen and I believe this is what I really need.  What I don't like is downloaded to the hard drive and can be lost if I had to replace or update Windows.



  • Paul replied


    I did run into the same problem but my issue was my license was inactive or invalid.  What I have done is delete/deactivate all of the license from the web (https://animaytor.com/members/).  In your case, deactivate what license key you were trying to paste.  However check what I wrote below before deactivating license, your license may have been refreshed/changed already.

    Pay attention on the license you are pasting and the current license shown on members area, see if they are the same, not sure but in my instance, it automatically changed to something else, so I had to copy the new license and use that one.

    You are entitled to use your Animaytor license for 3 computers simultaneously so no need to buy another license.  You just have to deactivate for computers you do not use anymore to keep the allowed 3 license active.

    Hope it helps.


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