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Strike through for text


  • Darell Jaggers started the conversation

    I searched everywhere and can't find a way to strike through text. Maybe its hid in all the FAQ's but searching produced nothing acceptable for my use. I guess I might be able to leave Creator and create an image and possibly import it into Creator but that seems to be an extreme measure.  Most people today, understand no or not using symbols. I've tried using other object’s in Creator 7 but nothing works satisfactory.

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    Marc replied

    Hi Darell.
    Nice to hear from you

    The Creator7 is not really meant to be a word processor type of program.
    So it doesn't contain a real 'text editor' (utilizing bold, italics or strike throughs)

    So you can't really do this with the Creator interface

    But you can fake it by importing a graphics of a line

    (search google for "line.png") and import it

    here, attached is an example line, and what I used it for

    Hope this helps


    Attached files:  line.png

    - Marc Sylvester
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