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  • Quenne started the conversation


    I have not receive my log-information for The Web Graphics Creator.  This is the welcome page I received.

    A new generation of designing is here!


    Hi there Quenne!

    We’re excited to welcome you to your first day of playing with the Web Graphics Creator. First, take a look at the quick "getting started" video. Did you know that Laughingbird Software has been through 17 years and 7 versions of our graphic design software, starting with "The Logo Creator" software? Now, you've got instant access into an online, cloud-based version of our popular software... and awesome NEW features and graphics that’ll help you create amazing visual content, stunning graphics and animation.

    After spending just a little time with the Web Graphics Creator, you'll understand how simple, but powerful, it is.

    For now, watch the video and check out some of the graphics. Make sure to ask a question or leave a comment at the end of the video letting us know what you think. All the Best, Marc & Lisa P.S. Join the Web Graphics Creator Facebook group for help, ideas and a chance to see what others are doing with it (lots of amazing video being posted). Need technical help?...Click here. 

  • Quenne replied

    Thank you Marc, I got it.

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    Marc replied

    Hi Quenne!

    Ah! Glad to hear this.
    Sorry for whatever delayed your welcome letter.

    Let me know if you have any questions about any of it!

    I'll be heresmile.png


    - Marc Sylvester
    Laughingbird Software

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