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WGC Lifetime offer


  • Seann Valen started the conversation

    Hi Marc,

    I've been a Logo Creator/Creator user for years. I signed-up for WGC when you launched it. 
    You've done a great job on the improvements and it keeps getting better. 

    I would like to know what happened to the "Blu" character and perhaps some other things. I haven't had time to really compare the programs though. 

    I like WGC well enough after using it since you launched it, so I just now purchased the lifetime license.  
    Checking in to my account in WGC I see that I now have 2 products. I see that the monthly is still there and the thumbnail for it says "Monthly". The lifetime thumbnail indicates "Bi-Yearly"  but the description headline and dates indicate that it is a Lifetime License. Is it? See attached screenshot. Please confirm.  

    Can I now delete the monthly account and cancel the pre-approved PayPal monthly billing without disruption of my account? (both passwords take me into the same account)

    Thanks. I just want to make sure everything flows as it should.

    My Lifetime PayPal Receipt is attached.

    Warm Regards, 


    Attached files:  WGC Products 2_11_19.png
      WebGraphicsCreator Lifetime Licence PapPal Receipt.pdf
      Laughingbird Software_WGC Lifetime Invoice 000010659.pdf

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    Marc replied

    Hi Seann!
    Great to hear from you!

    Long time no hear.

    Yes, we have set a price this week of $67 lifetime access. We're testing it out and will most likely  be changing this price by the weekend (to $147 lifetime)

    I've refunded your last $12 purchase and I've made sure you will no longer be charged.

    You now have lifetime access to the software Seann!

    and unfortunatly, I lost the rights to "bloo" - I was partnering with a 3rd party and I wasn't aware that THEY were actually unable to sell BLOO to me. Lol, it was a mess.

    Check your eMail for the login details and let me know if you're now able to get in (forever smile.png)
    And I'm adding new stuff to the Web Graphics Creator all the time. It'll keep getting better.

    I'll be here Seann! Keep me posted if you have questions


    - Marc Sylvester
    Laughingbird Software

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  • Seann Valen replied

    Hi Marc,

    I'm glad I jumped in at $67. A great value. 

    Thank you for refunding the $12! Very generous. I wasn't even thinking about a refund.

    Good ol' Bloo. I still have him on my Creator. He's a fun character. Too bad you had to give him up.

    I'm all set so thanks again for all you do. Keep up the great work.