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    Hi there, I had a copy of the web graphic  and ecover software since way back , l have managed to get them installed on new laptops but l have recently just bought new laptop and  couldn't install it. I have my receipt below and l'm still using it at present. is there any way to download my customer copy from the account.  Regards John


    johnmcphail@hotmail.com Product NameQty OrderedPlatformPriceeCover Creator1$ 59.95Sub Total: $ 59.95Tax: $ 8.99Total: $ 68.94

    Dear John McPhail,
    This notification is just a friendly reminder  that on 09-MAY-06, you placed an order from Laughingbird Software LLC.  This order was paid using your Visa, whose last 4 digits are ************0001, and will be appearing on your billing statement shortly. The charge will appear as "DR *Laughingbird Software LLC". This is just a reminder to help you recognize the charge. You will not be charged again.
    Product                         Qty  Price   ----------------------------------------------
    eCover Creator 2.2 for Windows  1    $ 59.95 ----------------------------------------------                         Sub Total:  $ 59.95                               Tax:   $ 8.99                             Total:  $ 68.94

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