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my download did not work


  • Douglas Gallacher started the conversation

    I have had your program for years when I downloaded it on discs, and a few of your extra things I bought two. But my computer died and I had no idea where the discs were. So I was left purchase it through your download process. Which has not worked for me. I have a kind of a shell but no data anywhere, the pictures look Nothing. When I did the download, and left me in a spot where he says let’s get your new software up and running for the awesome templates throughout the information below… I wrote my name email address I tried pushing the button and said send my new templates and graphics. But nothing happened, no sound, nothing to give me the idea that my pushing that button did anything. I have actually been trying for months to get this downloaded I just don’t know what to do. I’m afraid your chat rooms might be too complicated for me to follow. I do have the icon, and I press it and I come to some kind of landing page. Nothing works. Select A template set, join the graphics club, video tutorials, forum, nothing works. Please help 480-226-4587, thanks Doug

  •   Marc replied privately