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New Text Font Family and Formatting


  • Pasha started the conversation


    I am trying to do edits in provided templates and adding "New Texts" The New texts comes in bordered type text and shows "IMPACT" type. Where I can find the same text family font? i.e BebasNeue.


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    Marc replied

    Hello Pasha!

    ah. I see. Yes, we have replaced all of the "Built in" fonts with Google Fonts. The Google fonts are MUCH better and export MUCH nicer. We just haven't changed all of the templates yet. Sorry for the confusion.

    Okay - try this.

    In the image you had attached to your last letter:

    click on the word "Facebook" then duplicate this text. (under the EDIT menu).

    You'll then be able to edit the text and keep the 'bebe nue' font smile.png

    As for the "impact" font, you can use the Google font called "Anton" - it'll look almost identical.

    Here's a screenshot (attached) for you.

    Let me know if it helps bigsmile.png


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    - Marc Sylvester
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