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  • todd torres started the conversation

    I haven't received the full version of logo creator 7 since I purchased it through the App Store. I have been using the old one. Marc Sylvester said he would, "


    Hi there Todd! Nice to hear from you.

    hmmmm.... that doesn't look good at all!

    Two things about this - one, I notice you've got the icon that comes from the Mac App store. Then, I see you're working on the trial version (the free version) of The Creator7

    The Creator7 is a big update from the Mac App version.

    So, I'd like to get you updated. We can bypass the free templates.  Give me an eMail address you'd like me to use, I'm going to set you up with the full update. Since you've purchased the Mac-store version, there's no need to purchase again."

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    Marc replied

    Hi Todd!

    Nice to hear from you.

    Oh, well... I was actually waiting for you! Lol

    If you read my reply, I was waiting for an eMail address from you.

    Can you give me one that I can use to create an account for you with?

    Let me know asap! I'll get you set up quickly


    - Marc Sylvester
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  • todd torres replied

    I can use noeltoddusa@yahoo.com

  • todd torres replied

    noeltoddusa@yahoo.com can be used.

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