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making a transparent background in a template


  • James Regan started the conversation

    Hi, my name is James Regan.  I just purchased your software.  Pretty cool.  Where are there videos where it takes you step by step on your software.  I have been to the tutorial videos and while there are some subjects here and there I was looking for the tutorial walkthrough on the creator 7 software.  In the formating canvas how do you make the color in the background go transparent?  In fact how do you make things go transparent so I can take anything and do that.  Thanks

    James Regan

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  • James Regan replied

    Also can you upload your own pngs and/or svgs?

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    Marc replied

    Hi James!
    Nice to hear from you

    I'm actually creating some videos this week. Your transparent question is a good one smile.png

    When you want to export your graphic, use the FILE > EXPORT menu and choose "Image with Transparency"
    When you do this, whatever background color the canvas is, that's what will become transparent.

    and yes, you can upload your own png and jpeg images (but now .svg yet)

    Let me know if this helps!

    I'll be here.


    - Marc Sylvester
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