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Fed Up!


  • Alan started the conversation

    Dear Marc,I have three outstanding software orders that I cannot download. I have paid for all three. I have written I don’t know now how many times, and submitted several tickets with no answer. I had a lot of confidence in Laughingbird, but that confidence is waning. I am fed up of writing. Marc, what has happened, are you too busy??? Please help me out!!! Can you also confirm please which email address and password is registered with you as I have two. Please answer this Marc! I have even been thinking this time if I do not get an answer and my software, I will go to my Bank and get my money back. Marc, my friend, I DO NOT WANT TO TAKE THIS ACTION - I HAVE SEEN YOU AS A FRIEND. PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER THIS TICKET. Thank you Marc.

    Alan Bass.

    PS To send this ticket I have had to re-register my email and profile. What has happened Marc to Laughingbird? It seems to be a mess.