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using Mojave on new computer. Cant load app into my applications folder


  • Julie Morris started the conversation

    I have a new computer and went to your site to download software.  I confirm that it downloaded, but I don't see it in my app folder like before.  Am I missing something?  I just upgraded to Mojave and I know that sometimes this changes things with your software.  Thank you.

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    Marc replied

    HI there Julie!
    Nice to hear from you smile.png

    I love Mojave! It's very cool.

    When you download, check your downloads folder. That's where the installers (the ".dmg") files are usually downloaded to.

    Also! Make sure to log into your Laughingbird Account to download and install your purchased software.

    I've resent you the login details.

    Let me know if all is well! Keep me posted smile.png


    - Marc Sylvester
    Laughingbird Software

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