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  • Willie started the conversation


    I just got your check in email...im a new affiliate to your LB program.

    Im just waiting for approval on all your products....


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    Lisa replied

    Hi Willie.

    I just approved all of the products but two we are making some changes to. But, you've still got a lot to sell. Let us know if you need anything else



  • Willie replied


    i saw that and thanks so much,

    I see that 2 of them had problems so

    I resubmitted them asap

    waiting for approval on them...

    "The Mockup Creator" 

    "The People Pak 3 Set" 

    thanks again

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    Lisa replied

    Hi Willie.

    Sorry, what I should've said is that the 2 remaining programs you asked for are getting updates and aren't being approved for anyone right now (yes, they should be removed from the program for now).

    The Mockup Creator is actually now included in the eCover and Mockups Creator, and you were approved for that, so you'll be selling it already.

    Hope I'm making sense!

    Thanks and let us know if you have any other questions about Laughingbird's affiliate program.