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The Attention Getters lable wrapping


  • Norman Burr started the conversation

    Hello: Was interested in buying the Attention Getters set but was wondering while watching your Demo Video you began with the photo of a beer bottle it appears to some degree the the label wraps around the bottle, you also stated that the bottle image could be deleted if you did that would the label be deleted as well. The reason for my question is I'm building a website for a business that creates custom designed Tumblers, Mugs Cups etc . The issue I have is to get a design image such as a Christmas tree to wrap (curve/bend) around an image of a blank Tumbler for their product option page. I know it can be done in PS, PPT, and Word but it gets really tricky, so I wondered if it could be done in logo creator after looking at that beer bottle label in the Demo.


    Norm Burr

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    Marc replied

    Hi there Norman!
    Thanks for writing.

    great question.

    Reading this - however - I can problably say, no... this is not quite what the software was meant to do.
    There currently no way to 'wrap' an image around anything. You can fake it, but it's not easy.

    Can you take a screenshot perhaps of what you're wishing the software would do? Maybe I can walk through a solution 


    - Marc Sylvester
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