Getting an Error while Clicking on a Template Category

Barry had a problem while trying to click on some template categories using The Web Graphics Creator.

Turns out it was "BitDefender"

If you're having similar problems, check your Antivirus settings.

Hi Marc,

Yes the app was working before just fine, which is why I couldn't understand why it stopped working on two desktops but was ok on the iPad. I have spent two days going through the logs on both machines on a process of elimination until eventually I found the problem! 

After logging in to Web Creator and clicking to load a template module the app fired up a .json file  and my Bitdefender antivirus which had recently updated ceased to recognize webcreator.com which I had previously set as an exception.  I re-entered webcreator.com and BANG! it worked.

It works now on both desktops, problem solved, frustration over and I'm happy.

Thank you for your help and patience.