Alot of you have been with us for years and years. And you have multiple eMail addresses.

The ONLY reason the download icons will be grayed out (not allowing you to download) is if you have A) not purchased the software or B) you have purchased, but you're logging in with a different eMail address.

the download system is automatic. If you purchase, the system knows and unlocks the item. but only IF you are logged in with the same email you purchased with.

So make 100% sure you have the correct eMail.

Also, if you have purchased some software way back in the past, 2012, 2014 ... etc (look on your receipt. If it says "Digital River" or "Cleverbridge" or even "JVZoo" then your account is probably inactive. 

Please make sure to tell us exactly what eMail address you used when you purchase and your first and last name.

(some tickets we are getting simply say "I can't login" --- so help us out with as much information as you can)