Create your own custom template that you can reuse over and over

Try this to create your own custom template that you can reuse over and over:

Open up your Documents folder on your computer.

Inside, you'll see "Laughingbird Documents" This is where your templates and graphical elements for the software are.

• Launch the Creator7 and create (or load up) your design.

• Once you're done, choose "Save as..." and save this into a NEW folder on your desktop( create a new folder during save and name it 'COOL TEMPLATES' - save your design into this folder) 

• Quit / Exit out of The Creator7

• Move the 'Monograms' folder (with the new design inside) from your desktop into: Documents > Laughingbird Documents > Logo Libraries

• Relaunch the software

You'll now see your new "COOL TEMPLATES" folder in the left 'select a template' menubigsmile.png

If you want to create a 2nd iteration of the monogram (you want the background blue  for example) you can choose "Save as..." and navigate to

Documents > Laughingbird Documents > Logo Libraries > COOL TEMPLATES

Try that.

it sounds complex, but follow the bouncing ball  smile.png and you can then choose the main template and it will never get altered.

keep me posted!