What's the difference between the Creator7 and The Web Graphics Creator?

The Creator7 is a downloadable product compatible with Windows and Mac.

The Web Graphics Creator is our new online "in the cloud" creation tool.

The downloadable Creator7 products are included in Web Graphics Creator subscription, so there's no need to purchase anything else! 

The templates are the same but they are two separate products and the Web Graphics Creator has many more additional templates and features NOT included in the individual, downloadable packs.

The Creator7 is a downloadable product with separate packs you can purchase to use on your own computer.  

The Web Graphics Creator is our new online subscription tool that lets you create "in the cloud".

Of course, you can make awesome graphics and visual content with either (the image below can be made with either product... you can add the video motion only with the Web Graphics Creator).

In addition, the Web Graphics Creator has additional features and benefits.

1. You get access to all 900+ templates (+ tons of elements) in the Web Graphics Creator at any time... there are no individual packs to purchase or install.

2. You get access to these designs anytime, from anywhere you have a wifi network or hotspot. You just log in online.  All of the original templates are there AND any templates you've modified and saved.

3. You get motion video graphics, the ability to save animated gifs, new Google font integration and easy to find stock images, all from within your personal account.

4. We’ll also continue to update and add features, as well as graphics, but you'll never need to pay more than your monthly subscription price. In fact, since we've already added lots of new templates since it was released, we're getting close to having 1000 templates to choose from.

Hope that helps!