My templates are offset

When you open your My Templates project - the template you click on is not opening. The template before it is.

This is a strange problem that I'm working to fix. So read on and see if this solution works for you:

First, you'll have to find the corrupted template. This file is invisible and it's offsetting the template selection (I think)

So, start from the top. If this first template opens for you just fine, move on to the next. You can probably skip 5 to 10 at time until you find a mis-matched template.

One you find the template that's starting the crazyness,  hold down the ALT key (on Windows) or the Option key (on Macs) while clicking on your template. 

This is the delete function. A dialog box will appear asking you if you'd like to delete this template. If the name of the template is normal, move on to the next template and try again. Soon, you'll probably see something like "are you sure you want to delete XKODHE@ ?" THIS is the glitch. 

Choose DELETE. Then exit out of the software and re-launch it. 

 THIS... hopefully... will fix it 

 Try and let me know