Trial Ended and I can't access the software

When you launch The Creator, you're getting a message that says:

"Looks like you didn't want the free templates. Visit the purchase page and purchase any other software set"

If you download the Creator for free, but you do not install the free template set after 20 days, the trial version will time out.  You can visit the "upgrade" page (click one of the two buttons you'll see)

If you purchase any add-on set, this message goes away and the trial version becomes the REAL version.  Or, if you still want to use the trial version, you can opt to download it again by providing your name and eMail address. You'll be sent a download link.

If you're seeing this message now, Hop over to:

https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/preview-upgrade/ scroll down a bit.  You'll see a form to enter your email and name into.  Fill it out and you'll be sent a download link to the free template set.  Install it and this message will go away  :D  

- Marc